Is polyurethane foam safe for babies?



We know that the babies are love different kind of games & entertainments. For this reason, foam & rubber manufacturers are producing the non-toxic foams for baby’s health because these little guys are so sensitive against different situations.

You need to know that every child can play every time! According to this, you must prepare the lovely place for play.
Honestly, they’re enjoying of these places & they can play more.

Rubber mats or large colorful floor like puzzles are a great alternative & it is a great way to keep your toddlers comfortable during play time. These mats can prevent your babies against unpredictable accidents.

As useful as these play mats are, it is important to choose the proper material before choosing for babies! We have rubbers are made of materials that can harm your toddler’s health. You need to know that some producers are not honest about the ingredients of foam products.

The safety of some foam products is very important for children’s health. As we mentioned, Children are so sensitive against toxic materials specially the chemicals. If you want to know about children’s health and improve their health quality while they’re playing, read this article carefully.


Rubber play mats or foam play mats are so popular in different places like kindergarten, schools & playgrounds. But what is the ingredients of foams or rubbers?

some foam products like baby play mats, yoga mats, yoga block have usually made up of the material known as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) PU foam, or even EVA. But it’s almost impossible to find a specification than that. Even more research makes no any sense.
The using of PVC & PU foam is not popular in baby products. But the EVA is the alternative of the PVC or PU foam.


Furthermore, a plastic polymer can be a dangerous material too. The additive named “phthalates”, used for better flexibility, known endocrine disruptor with harmful effects on many bodies & immunity systems.

Pu Foam被称为无毒且不易用的,通常含有添加的标志剂,例如可以为儿童健康而开发的PBDE一词。


False Advertisement about safety

EVA,通常显示为广告中的无毒材料。它以某种方式具有阳性甲酰胺测试,称为化学材料。您需要知道一些EVA泡沫制造商says theEVA foamis a formamide free in advertisements. Most of these ads are not real & just a propaganda.

When they said Formamide free, that means that there may be have low levels of formamide, but the levels of formamide are low and this level is enough for companies are allowed to market their products as free of the chemical EVA is definitely a better alternative than PVC or PU , but according to these specifications of the materials, it is hard to know what chemicals is good for your daily using at home.




In fact, the organic materials are the best choice. Some research shown that the mats, in the places like playgrounds or kindergartens or the in gyms can be to dangerous for children’s health with huge amount of toxic materials & harmful chemicals, like as we mentioned in above.

These chemicals are associated with many adverse health and developmental problems including neurological abnormalities and can improve the toxicity level in liver.

Some scientist’s research is so serious, we are finding lots of home appliances equipment contains the toxic chemicals or materials.

Nowadays, there are no strong act of parliament or laws that prevent or ban the using of chemicals in foam mats and producers are not required to disclose their formula because they are secret for manufacturers.

So, it is up to you to be active and keep your toddler’s safe places from harmful situations.


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