What is eva (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam?

EVA Foam


Nowadays, the benefits of EVA foam are too many & we recognize this product as a helpful & very useful for modern life.

You can use the foams specially EVA foam in very different application & variable uses.

One of the EVA foam products is the children playmats.
The users are worried the playmats or puzzle mats may be containing chemicals. These chemicals named “Formamide”.

This material has a lot of benefits for different applications. The formamide change the mats to a soft, squishy texture and turn the foam mats into the very practical & very useful product.
Interestingly, no other countries have accepted this prevention and a few countries have studies to see the different conduct about different chemicals like EVA rubber or formamide safety. After these studies, the researchers find no dangerous chemical materials on the huge number of products.

You need to know that the parents want to sure about the safety of chemical materials like Formamide & EVA foam. The concern about different products like chemicals (EVA foam) is important to our technicians. Because of this reason, we tested every product to sure about the chemical safety. Your health is the first concern as we mentioned.

If you have an EVA foam tile & want to know about the toxicity of these tiles, don’t throw them away! Please read this article carefully to find out about any other kind of toxic or any other kind of chemicals.

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EVA foam, stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, which is a strong material. It is also a soft & flexible for variable uses. EVA plays an important in modern day product & it is also a good alternative of PVC. If you combine the EVA foam with heat, pressure or any other kind of elements, you can have the closed cell EVA foam.

Some producers are using “Formamide” as a part of this process, this is where the safety concerns begin.

You need to know that the EVA foam is a practical & substance. You can find the EVA foam products everywhere. We have mention some of the main EVA foam application & benefits.

You can use the EVA foam for soft flooring, life jackets, the padding inside boxing gloves, exercise mats, etc. You might be coming into contact with EVA foam on a pretty regular basis, and some of that material could have been produced with formamide.

Formamide has no color. The formula of Formamide is CH3NO. Producers use the chemicals when making EVA rubber.

The amount of chemicals like formamide used in a product depends on how soft the rubber needs to be.

你必须防止甲酰胺在液态形式,because it has corrosive properties. formamide evaporates in the production procedures. governments had studies on the formula of different chemicals like” formamide” to choose if it is dangerous as it is found in flooring.

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Their studies showed that exposure to formamide was safe in different levels of this test.

The country named Canada seen a scientific research of different chemicals like formamide and you can see the results on below:

The research shows us that the Formamide is not harmful for health. Furthermore, there is no extra thing has been detected in tests. For example, EVA foam products are tested frequently to guarantee safety for all consumers, children and babies actually. In fact, our foam flooring performs the different testing of any of our flooring. That’s because consumer safety groups differ EVA rubber materials like foam mats and foam tiles.

As a result, every product must test in every way. We can guarantee to all of our foam products are formamide and formaldehyde free. We can say that all them are safe for babies.

You don’t have to just take our word for it. The government of Australia conducted their own study, specifically focusing on play mats and their potential risk to children for safety. They tested different variety EVA foam products, half of which had no measurable amount of formamide. The other 8 EVA rubbers samples had very small amounts of formamide.

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They determined that the formamide in foam play mats poses no risk to children.
According to real tests, it was concluded that a child would need to mouth for 20 minutes, or ingest, at least 4 square meters of typical foam mat all day over their entire life to approach a level of exposure to formamide which might raise health concerns.
The Benefits of Working with EVA Foam

So, what makes EVA foam such a popular choice for armored cosplays and oversized weapons? Here are some of the most vital benefits of working with EVA:

EVA foam is lightweight, easy to handle, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry out.

EVA泡沫也是成本有效和容易找到。You can also buy rubbers from some retailers like cosplayers, but many of them also choose to buy foam puzzle mats from hardware stores, which usually have a large stock and low prices. You can get a lot more EVA foam for the same price as a lot less thermoplastic or metal.

EVA foam can be easily handled and manipulated in a variety of ways to achieve your desired finished look that they are mesmerizing.

For example, EVA can be molded into curves that fit your head or body perfectly using a heat gun. Once you apply heat and bend your foam, it will hold this shape when cooled.

You can also paint EVA foam using spray paints or acrylics to achieve any look you want, from shiny metallic to dull and weathered. It doesn’t matter what color your foam is as long as you use enough layers of paint to cover it.

EVA foam can be shaped and cut in different ways depending on your preferences. You can use box cutters, heated soldering irons, or other implements to shape, weather, and detail your foam.

When you’re working with EVA, you have a lot of opportunities as far as adhesives. Depending on the application or how strongly you need your pieces to bond, you can use contact cement, hot glue, double sided adhesive sheets, and more.

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If you need a thicker rubber than what you can find at the store or online, you can layer pieces of foam using contact cement to make thicker foam sheets.

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EVA Foam Cosplay Challenges

Of course, working with EVA foam also comes with a set of challenges. While these road blocks can be overcome with a little practice, here’s what you can expect when you’re working with EVA:

In general, though foam is much easier to work with than heavier materials, it can take a greater deal of prep before and between steps in your process to get it ready for what’s next.

Some EVA foams, especially those made as flooring mats, have textured surfaces you’ll need to smooth out for a flat surface. Using sandpaper, a belt sander, or a Dremel, you’ll need to remove those rough textures before assembling and painting your armor.

Additionally, you’ll need to seal your foam with a rubberized, flexible sealant (like wood glue or Plastic-Dip) before painting it to avoid cracking.

If you’re in the market for higher density rubber, which you’d likely buy from a cosplay-specific retailer, the price will be a little higher.

While foam isn’t great delicate, it’s also not great durable either. Pieces can crack off if you bump into something/someone, or seams can come apart in areas that need to bend or that are often in motion. You do have to be a little bit more careful about how you move in foam armor.

This also causes issues when transporting or shipping foam armor or weapons. The best strategy might be to design your pieces so that they can break down into smaller sections for easier, flatter packing that will help protect your foam in transit.

All around, EVA foam’s benefits tend to outweigh its disadvantages for the vast majority of cosplayers. Most have found easy workarounds that circumvent or minimize the challenges we’ve described — these are just accepted parts of working with foam that are totally worth it in hindsight.

EVA foam can be molded and painted into incredibly detailed shapes, textures, and finishes that look almost exactly like the real thing. Combined with how widely available EVA foam is, it should be pretty easy to see why cosplayers of all kind of love working with EVA.

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FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • 1.Is EVA Foam safe?

    EVA is considered to be a safe alternative to PVC, as it doesn't require plasticizers like phthalates, and it's BPA free. However, a few years ago it was found that EVA foam contained formamide. Formamide is used to make the foam soft, but it's considered to be carcinogenic and a developmental toxin.

  • 2.What is EVA foam made from?

    EVA foam is produced by a copolymerization reaction between vinyl acetate and ethylene. The EVA foam is highly versatile and is used as an alternative or replacement for materials such as PVC foam, fiberglass, wood composites and a number of other materials and substances.

  • 3.有多难EVA foam?

    Good low temperature toughness – Like, really EVA foam will remain flexible at temperatures as low as -94°F. Because of this, it's often included in cases designed for things like Antarctic expeditions. Stress-crack resistance – This is related to its flexibility. Basically, it means EVA foam is very hard to break.

  • 4.What is high density EVA foam?

    What is High Density EVA foam? EVA foam also known as Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate foam is a closed cell material that comes in large sheets. Our densest option foams come in 24"x 24" (600mm x 600mm) sheets.

  • 5.可以在户外使用EVA泡沫吗?

    If you want to create a temporary workout space outdoors. They've even been used at campsites, whether as padding for a tent floor or to set up game areas.

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